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Our Process


In order for Local SEO to be successful, you need a proven process that not only lays out a workflow roadmap but can also be fluid enough to deal with your individual online business needs. This is what our system is designed to do.

We start with a full online visibility audit to pinpoint where you are against the competition and what the pain points are.

From this extensive report we prioritize work in the key areas of local SEO, this covers:

  • All aspects of technical SEO for your website
  • New content creation
  • Google My Business listing creation / optimisation
  • Citation & aggregator creation and/or repair
  • Backlinking
  • Reviews
  • Schema markup
  • User experience for both mobile and desktop
  • Advanced troubleshooting and evolving local SEO techniques
  • Ongoing deep competitor analysis and benchmarking

Expect depending on industry and your market competitiveness all the areas above to be covered within 6 -12 months.


12 months onward

It’s important to keep growing your online presence once all the key areas of your local viability have been set up correctly.

We rotate monthly ongoing work around these core pillars.

Deep competitor analysis every 3 months, benchmarking where you’re at against the competition & implementation of advanced Local SEO work.

2 articles a month using a siloed content technique to bolster your money pages with semantic content.

Further backlink analysis every 3 months, including research and outreach.

We also stay abreast of all the latest Local SEO developments so the above ongoing work could be subject to change to take advantage of these new developments if it’s warranted.

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