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How long should Local SEO take?

We ask you to give us a 6 -12-months to get the foundational work done and to give Google time to absorb and reward the work done via more visibility in the search engines. Obviously, you could start seeing results in Local SEO much sooner but this should be an ongoing process even after 12 months SEO should be maintained to stay ahead of the competition.

But don’t just take it from us, check out these further resources that site Google & other local SEO thought leaders from around the world.

If I’m paying you why do I have to do work?

There are things that we simply need to work together on if we are going to give you a great service, you should always be wary of a turnkey solution as Google definitely wants to see your input as the expert in your field. Areas we usually collaborate on are:

  • Content approval
  • Getting you more reviews
  • Backlinking opportunities
  • Approval of important website updates you need to be aware of
  • Google My Business Verification via post and/or troubleshooting.
  • Citation phone verifications

This is a great article on why we need your involvement.


You need to get visibility in your own backyard first

A lot of people would like to not only drive traffic from their local area but other areas as well. unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Google’s local algorithm is specifically designed to help local businesses compete with national brands (think yelp etc) so a physical location is very important. If you then want to try and get visibility in say the next city over you really only have a few options:

  • Hope there are very few competitors in that area so Google defaults to the closest business i.e yours (Google maps)
  • Have a super powerful location page for that area that can compete with other businesses in that area. (Google local organic)
  • Buy targeted traffic from Google using AdWords or AdWords Express.

DO NOT: Buy virtual offices or PO Box addresses in the cities you want to be visible in you will most likely get caught by Google and banned as this breaks guidelines.

Check out this video for more information.


Customers don’t search the way you think they do – You cant rank no.1 on everyone’s smartphone/laptop

The number 1 ranking factor now for local rankings is proximity to search there are also a number of other factors that ranking results for each individual. Check out this video for more information.



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