Huddersfield HD3

Case Study: Mortgage Broker

Main Services: Mortage Broker

Local Area: Brisbane, Australia

Time as a client: 8 months

Target Audience: As housing prices have risen massively in the last few years target clients are people with more disposable income who can meet the associated costs if they are first time buyer or people with a good amount of equity in their existing property.

Value Proposition: Award-winning boutique firm offering a customized experience, designed to make getting a mortgage as effortless as possible.

Local SEO Goals: Generating more leads and calls and walk-ins to the broker for people who want a genuine custom solution that fits their needs


Media: Google

Campaign Start: 10th August 2017

Increase in analytics traffic: 87% in 8 months

Mortgage Broker

Analytics increase over time

Mortgage Broker Analytics

Traffic increase of 87% in 8 months

Ranking Increase Over Time

Mortgage Broker Rankings

This is the best example we`ve seen of what appears to be a drop no.1 in our report while having an increase in traffic, online visibility and actions taken by the end user, the true measure of success for any business.

Actions taken via Google My Business over time

Mortgage Broker GMB Results

People taking some type of action from visiting the website over the last 12 months from the Google My Business listing.

Overall Google visibility increase over time

Mortgage Broker Google Results

General visibility increase over the last 12 months with a combination of Google maps and Google local organic search.