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Affiliate Program

Do you get leads for SEO from local businesses, but don’t offer the service or can upsell to your current and/or future clients?

Let us take over and give your lead a great local SEO service while you earn up to a 15% retainer on our package prices for every month the client stays with us.

All your leads are trackable through your own dashboard via WP affiliate and commissions are paid within 5 Businesses days of receiving payment from the client via PayPal

The offer is easy, you send us a lead, once we convert the lead in to a paying client you get up to 15% recurring income with no further work required on your part.

We have 2 packages

$1000 package (15%) = $150 per month for you.

$650 package (10%) = $65 per month for you.

You can  sign up to our affiliate program by filling in the details on the left.