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About Us

Solid Local SEO is a newly formed direct to business SEO company founded by Ben Walsh, having worked in the industry since 2011.

With my team of Local SEO experts, we have been selling white label reseller local SEO services to agencies from all over the world since 2013. We have experience in providing top class cutting edge local SEO services for clients all over the world.

Solid Local SEO had been created to bring more direct value to business owners by removing the associated costs of massive 3rd party agency markup.

Our experience in some of the toughest local SEO markets in the world has allowed us to develop systems, processes & expertise that drive long terms visibility and ROI for your business.

All our team member are specialized in their specific areas of expertise of a very complex local SEO Ecosystem, that most agencies are either unaware of, are unable to execute on or worst still opt for blackhat strategies that could actually harm your bottom line by breaking Google guidelines. You can be assured that no matter what specific area we work on to bring you more calls, walk-ins, leads & website traffic, we always have the right person on the job. We only ever work on the things that we believe will move the needle for you the most, month by month, year by year.

Local SEO is all we do. We look forward to bringing you genuinely effective “Solid” Local SEO that creates leads and adds to your bottom line.

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